Frequently Asked Questions:

As highlighted in our Step-by-Step section please follow these simple steps to be eligible for a Cash Rebate or Free Move:
  1. Sign up as a new user of
  2. If already signed up, be sure to login using your username / password.
  3. Find one or more apartments which you are interested in potentially moving. Try out our "mapping" features to help narrow your search.
  4. Before visiting the apartment community which you are interested, click the "Register" button associated with each community you are interested. This is important as we will be able to send a fax to the apartment community to let them know prior to your visit that you found them using and correlating our affiliation.
  5. When you visit the apartment community for the first time, make sure you write down on the guest card as how you found them.
  6. If you do decide to sign a lease, make sure that you additionally write on theleasing application as the sole referral source in order to be eligible for Cash Rebate or Free Move.
  7. Come back to and login using your username / password, find the apartment community you signed a lease with, and click the "Report Lease" button to begin the Cash Rebate / Free Move process.
Once we are able to validate your lease with the front office, rebate processing will typically take approximately 6-9 weeks to receive your check unless you specified a free move. Free moves are arranged around your specified move date. To be eligible for either a cash rebate or free move, please review our rebate details online.
Should you find a competitor offering a higher cash rebate for the same community will match that offer plus an additional $25. The competitors offer must be for the same community, the same lease length, and the same unit (size/bedrooms). Competitors offer must be currently documented and verifiable and from a legitimate, licensed apartment locator. To be eligible for the offer match and additional $25 you must meet the regular eligibility requirements.You must also notify within 15 days after signing and reporting your lease that you found a higher rebate.
Look to the community ad to see current rebate details. Not all communities are available for a free move offer due to location and or minimum locator commissions for that community making it financially impossible.
Apartment communities pay us a locator commission, provided you list as the sole referral agent on the guest card and leasing paperwork. We take a portion of that commission and offer it back to you in the form of a rebate or free move as a way of saying thanks for using our service. The cash rebate or free move does not impact your monthly rent or other incentives from the apartment community in no way.
Simply navigate to our sign-up page, fill out the form, and click submit. It is 100% free to use.
Simply navigate to the login page and click on "Forgot Username or Password".
Communities change their locator commission rates all the time and thus our incentives change along with them. Sometime they are higher and sometime they are lower. We cannot guarantee cash rebates will remain the same as it is purely a byproduct of the current locator commission being provided by the community. You can however protect yourself by registering with the property you are interested in online. By doing so, you will secure our advertised rebate for up to 30 days.
If you are unable to find a specific apartment community or know of a new development simply send us an email using our contact us page and we will assist. If the community currently does not work with locators then we will not be able to offer any sort of incentive, however if they do work with locators, we will help bridge any gaps of understanding to expidate the process. If you found the apartment community without using our services, unfortunatly we will be unable to offer a Cash Rebate or FREE Move this time around as that would violate the ethical standard of legitimate apartment locating.
Yes. We are able to identify to you those communities that accept first time renters.
Yes. We are able to identify to you those communities that will work with folks with less than perfect credit.
Yes. We are able to identify to you those communities that will work with folks with prior broken leases.
Yes. We are able to identify to you those communities that will work with folks with less than perfect credit. You will need to discuss the specifics with the front office.
Yes. We are able to identify to you those communities that will accept Section 8 vouchers. However cash rebates or free moves may not be eligible.
We represent hundreds of property management companies and over 5,000 communities across Texas. There is no cost to be included in our database. We will gather, process, and post all data online free of charge. All we ask for is the going locator commission if and when our client registers online with your community and signs a lease listing as the sole referral source. You are provided with a login ID and password and can change your community data, prices, specials, floor plans, pictures anytime you choose. So there is really no risk. You only pay for success when we fill your vacancies.
We update pricing and specials periodically. However you have a couple of other ways to update your community data. You can update your community data yourself with the provided login ID and password. You may also fax your updates to (866) 568-9912 and we will update for you.
To retrieve your password navigate to the login page and then click on the "Forgot Your Password?" link. You may also send an email to us by clicking the contact-us page.
We utilize several data sources and providers to help keep data as accurate as possible. We also support automated data feeds of any type for those communities or PMCs that wish to have tighter, automated data controls. Please contact us to learn more.
To update your photos login and click on the Photos tab. Use the browse button to select the photo(s) you want to upload, we also support .zip files as well. Once you have selected your photo(s) click the Upload button. To select or change your main community photo being displayed, simply check the "Main" checkbox on the photo of your choice. If you need to remove old photos just click the red X in on the photo to delete it.
We look at overall lease length vs. term fulfilled and evaluate the situation. We strive to build lasting relationships with our communities and want to do what's fair by all parties concerned.
We support and actually prefer automated data feeds for those communities or PMCs that wish to have tighter, automated data controls. Contact us to learn more.