About Us:

FindMeAPad.com was organized in 2004 and is based in Texas. Our goal was to develop an information source for potential apartment renters that is both highly functional and easy to use. Great care was taken in providing the necessary information to make an informed housing choice and along the way we hope we’ve created an end-user experience that is enjoyable.

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FindMeAPad.com is licensed as a Real Estate Broker in those states where it believes it may be necessary to do so in order to comply with state regulations. While FindMeAPad.com is licensed in certain states, FindMeAPad.com does not render legal, brokerage, or other professional advice or services to either its renter or lessor customers. When a renter uses FindMeAPad.com’s service, FindMeAPad.com may pay that renter a bonus or some other valuable consideration or allow that renter to enter into promotion(s) then being sponsored by FindMeAPad.com.