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Where Do You Want to Live?

If you could live anywhere in the United States, where would you choose? Most want the location to provide affordable living where jobs are booming, with a top education and pleasant weather, with a variety of entertainment and dining choices. What if I told you there is such a place, a city with that profile right here in the United States, a city where your paycheck can be stretched farther than in any other part of the country? A place that is more diverse than New York city?

We are talking about Houston, Texas.

What makes Houston the ideal place to live?

Affordable Living

With well built and designed homes in other parts of the country, one can easily spend over 1/4 million, but in Houston the same quality homes can be found for only one-hundred-thousand. Condominiums can sale for as low as thirty-thousand. Part of the reason housing may be much more affordable in Houston is because of all the open-land available for development. Apartments are also very affordable and are offered in a variety of price ranges. provides a search of apartments in the Houston area and for all to use free of charge. The best part is offers a cash rebate or free move option for apartment communities which are listed online to help your transition to your new home. Your new home could be a click away. The search is set up to allow you to find apartments within a set price range, with specific amenities, and chosen locations. Apartments in the Houston area range in location style. From quiet and quaint, to large and in the center of all the action, you will find somewhere you will like to live. Houston is located in the gulf coastal plains biome, and much of the city was built on marhses, swamp, or prairie and so many of the views are very natural. However, if you are more of a city person, there are many entertaining places to choose from as well. Once you find an apartment thre are many amenities offered and some include: emergency maintenance, a jacuzzi, jogging trails, clubhouse, fitness center, playground, wood floors. The list could go on, but I reccommend you search for yourself. You will be sure to find a match that suits you perfectly. There are so many apartments to choose from in the Houston area with great amenities and locations, and price ranges to suit everyone, but what else motivates people to move here?

Job Market

With a city dubbed an energy hot spot, the Houston job market is holding steady and improving for the millions of workers there. The switch from using Earth’s resources to encouraging reuse-reduce-recycle has opened up many opportunities in the energy companies offer a variety of services that will open doors for even more employment. Employment is on the rise in Houston and most sectors are exhibiting a strong growth. Houston is considered to be the fastest-growing city in the United States, and is second in the job market only to New York city. Why all the buzz about Houston’s job market? Because low business costs and low land costs make this city an opportunist’s dream. With a mix of hard workers who are also young and educated, a wide range of companies can see the potential in their employees.


But jobs are not the only attraction of Houston. Houston is classified as humid-subtropical. Warmest months are at 94F and coolest months at 53F. For anyone who enjoys warm weather, this city will keep you happy. Houston will have its fair shar of tornadoes, floods, and winter storms; however, most of the time the city is a warm place. Good weather makes transportation much easier. There are no snow days where you have to shovel around your car before you can drive. The humid-subtropical city will often offer pleasant breezes and sunny days for you to enjoy on your excursions. Houston has introduced many programs, most notably MetroRail Light Rail system to help reduce air pollution. Houston has improved upon the city’s waterways. The banks of Buffalo Bayou have been cleaned of garbage and have been turned into jogging trails and parks. The city has seen a great increase in wildlife along the Bayou.


Houston is home to four four-year universities, the largest is the University of Houston and has about 40,000 students at its main campus. The school offers 300 degrees through its twelve colleges on campus. The university hosts a variety of theatrical performances, concerts, lectures, and events. With over four-hundred student organizations and sixteen inter-collegiate sports teams, the university offers a wide variety of activities for its students.There are also a number of city libraries to accommodate your studies. University of Houston-Clear Lake, University of Houston-Downtown, and Texas Southern University are the other three in the city.


Houston also has a lot to offer in terms of recreation and relaxation. If you love history there are a plethora of museums in sports, fine arts, the Holocaust, natural sciences, funeral history, military, and many more. The theaters of Houston often have a different flavor to them; one is an outdoor broadway, while another offers music mixed with comedy. There is also a House of Blues in the city. It is recommended to check them all out and you won’t be disappointed. Are you a nature lover? there are plenty of parks and zoos, and even a nature center to explore. Want to dive in deep, check out the aquarium. If you have a desire to stare at the stars or simply learn more about the universe, there is also a planetarium and a space center. If you need something more exciting and exotic, you might have fun at the opera, or horse racing. But you are looking to exercise try out the jogging trails, city gyms, or play a game of golf.


Where would a city be without food? Houston has a wide range of five star restaurants and many more culturally and culinary inspired dishes. A city with about ninety languages spoken and a distinct heritage, Houston will satisfy any appetite. Some of the first immigrants to Houston were Mexicans, and later Cubans and then the Vietnamese, Chinese and Africans. The city has even had its share of European influences, namely Greek. More recently, Indians are settling here. This diversity of peoples and languages is what helps to make Houston one of the most interesting places in the United States and when it come to food, there can be no mistake, Houston is one of the most delicious places to live! Needless to say there are restaurants owned and managed by various ethnicities with foods of various geographical influence. Some of these include Seafood, Vietnamese, Indian, Chinese, Greek, African, Mexican, Cuban, Thai and more. Some of the more mouth-watering dishes are Blue crab on Ciabatta, Gulf Shrimp, Green Chile Chicken Kebabs, Italian-Cuban sandwich, Greek Burger and Goat Buttermilk with Pecan Pie. You can even find a Pakistan Breakfast and feel like you are in the Middle East or try the Tom Kha Gai reminiscent of Thailand. Are you hungry yet? I’m going to go grab myself a fork and I’ll be right back.

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