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Why is Dallas, Texas so great?

We could easily categorize the best places to live in the United States based on a list of five factors. The first is the city’s comfortability factor, the second is the cost of living, the third is the job market, the forth is parks, and the final factor is education & entertainment.


Everyone who moves to Dallas mentions the hospitality. Unlike New York city or Los Angeles, the people of the city are not considered rude or unfriendly. In fact, Dallas is considered one of the friendliest metropolitan cities in the nation. The diversity of culture and cuisine and language doesn't act as a barrier to manners. Instead, the city booms with international experiences and adventures. Drivers are said to be some of the most polite, along with hotel management. Some tourists have even stated that Dallas is too friendly...if there can be such a thing. People have lots of theories as to why this is, but I tend to think that no matter who you are or where you are it is hard to get away from your roots and Dallas has plenty of them that come straight from the cowboy days.

Cost of Living

Sales taxes’ are kept low and are comparable to almost anywhere else where you can have a metropolitan lifestyle. The cost of living is extremely low, in fact some people say it is so low they simply cannot believe it. From housing to groceries you will see a difference in your bill that falls in your favor. Now if you come from a small mid-American state this might not seem the case to you, but you have to consider what you are getting in Dallas. The city is similar to big places like NY, Chicago, Toronto and LA, offering diversity in people, food, decor and more.

Job Market

The job market is something that makes most other states jealous. With a diversified economy, this city thrives. When Forbes of Feb 2013 ranked cities based upon recent and expected job growth, the unemployment rate, and per-capita income, Dallas came out on top. Jobs range from literally A-Z. You will find something in accounting, banking, design, insurance, marketing, sales, security and more. Most entrepreneurs in Dallas are between 35-45 and many employers are moving to Dallas or expanding in the area. If you are looking for new opportunities, Dallas is the place to start.


Dallas has some of the most beautiful parks, and maintains more than twenty-one park acres including seventeen lakes, but specifically the Dallas city park deserves a mention. At 35 acres, this park is the largest in town. With a golf course, picnic tables, basketball courts, BBQ pits and even a kitchen it more than surpasses its competitors. This park also has several sinks, fireplaces, restrooms, shelters, and play areas. Because of all the park amenities, this park is frequented for exercise, recreation, relaxation, and even used for business functions and large family gatherings. Dallas also has eleven Off-Leash parks for your dogs! If you love your pet and need a place for your pet to run free, then try looking into the parks of Dallas.


With many universities, colleges, trade schools, and educational institutes, Dallas has a very rich academic environment. Dallas literally has 27 colleges and universities to choose from, some of them specific like the Art Institute of Dallas. With nine additional adult educational facilities, Dallas caters to the growing academic needs of the thirty somethings and older. The Dallas Public Library is a great resource of information. For those that want something more personal, Dallas also offers a number of private schools. Because of the Dallas Educational Foundation, the community and city resources are connected to outstanding educational purposes. With goals of improving student achievement, utilizing systems of accountability, and creating education campaigns Dallas is on the right track to developing higher standards for students.


The Dallas Public Library system serves the city. For entertainment there is the Bishop Arts District which has been known as Dallas’ best kept secret with live music, organic food, and plenty of retailers. At Deep Ellum find emerging visual and musical artists. If you love New Orleans, known for its eclectic mix of blues, jazz, funk and artwork, than this place is something you can’t miss. If you are into art and antique galleries, and interior design, the Design District is relatively new and full of life. There is literally something for just about everyone from uptown to downtown. If you want to turn back the clock, go to The West End Historic District. If you’re looking for the next ‘Beverly Hills,’ go to Highland Park. The list of amazing places to visit in Dallas goes on and on and so my best advice to you is to make yourself a visit or perhaps make Dallas your permanent place of residence.

The list of amazing places to visit in Dallas goes on and on and so my best advice to you is to make yourself a visit or perhaps make Dallas your permanent place of residence.

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